St Swithin's Church needs your Donation

It takes an extraordinary amount of money to run and maintain this delightful church.

Contrary to what many people might believe, St Swithin's doesn't receive any financial support from The Church of England. Quite the reverse, in fact, as around 10,000 has to be raised and paid annually to the C of E!  On top of that, money has to be found to keep the church in a good state of repair and pay all of the day to day running costs.

Throughout the year, those who worship at St Swithin, and also those who have some form of affiliation with this church, work to raise money by organising events such as car-boot sales, barbeques, afternoon cream teas and sales of work.

But the money raised is never sufficient to properly run and maintain this historic place of worship.

Please, consider providing some financial support to St Swithin's - there are various options:

  • A one-off donation - just 20 will help pay our Utility Bills.

  • A monthly donation - 10 or 20 a month would help us more than you could imagine.

  • A bequest in favour of St Swithin's, either through your own Will, or the Will of someone you know who might like to support us.

To donate either email Andrew Johnson - Interim Churchwarden.

                   or send your donation via Bank Transfer to: