Welcome to St Swithin's Church

This attractive, and historically significant Grade 2 Listed Victorian church with its unusual twin bell tower was built in 1871 and is situated in the delightful village of Thorley, West Wight, around two miles from the popular yachting town of Yarmouth. Beautifully detailed architecturally without, the interior is equally appealing and features the classic patterned open brickwork and ornate timbers favoured by the Victorian church designers. And still in fine voice is the original organ installed by Fosters and Andrews of Hull in 1876. The church is managed to a high standard by a team of local parishioners, with services held every Sunday, the church being an ideal venue for Weddings and Christenings.

Whether you're looking for a regular place of worship, or are just curious about this fascinating church please stop by for a warm reception!                                            Click image for an enlarged version >>>

Revd Kenneth Raymond Cheeseman

16th May 1929 – 4th January 2015


Father Ken was a man of great Christian faith, a faith which shaped his life and shone like a beacon to those he met. A placid, gentle, kind, non judgemental man, his Christian conviction motivated and inspired him throughout his life.

Born in Battersea in 1929, Ken had two much older brothers, while his sister Audrey was born just 13 months later. The two were treated as twins, forming a very close lifelong bond and complementing one another perfectly.  Ken attended schools in South London, leaving in 1945 to work for the National Provincial Bank in Wimbledon. By then his path to the ministry had already begun. At 12 he met the Vicar of St Barnabus, Southfields and soon became involved in the vibrant Church community joining the choir, and becoming a Server and the leader of a thriving Scout Troop.

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Mrs Tattlemouse Reports

Unlike many of the rodent species that make up Mrs T's social fraternity, she doesn't sleep the winter away. Instead she muses on life from within a shallow burrow, and has scribed January's despatch to the light of a small church candle. There's a poignant note as Mrs T recalls 1961. 

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New Facilities

The new facilities at St Swithin's incorporated within the beautifully re-structured Vestry were officially declared open on Sunday 10th November 2013. They comprise a well equipped kitchenette, a toilet with full disabled capability, and an office area.

Now mid-Autumn, 2014, the possibilities the new facilities afford are starting to bite, and opportunities to utilise the church for functional purposes within the local community are starting to shape up.

Do I give you the Good News or the Bad News first?

Well, it’s all tied up. Revd Clive Leach has been appointed Principal of Walkwood Church of England Middle School in Redditch, Worcestershire and takes up his new post in January. This is wonderful news for him and we congratulate him heartily for promotion well deserved. We wish him well in this new challenge.

But we are Very Sad Indeed to be losing his ministry here. As Revd Bevington says in this month’s Village News, “We have benefited from him in so many ways: his commitment and sheer hard work, enthusiasm, humour, at-homeness with young people; his skill in using technology and different media and in creating experimental services and attractive service cards; for sharing his faith with us, and for his gift of encouragement.” I would add to this list, “his amazing ability to deliver a fascinating and instructive sermon without hesitation or repetition, without patronising us, and (most important!) making it short!!”

His final service in the Benefice will be Morning Service at St Swithin’s on 28th December at 10.30 when the four congregations will join to thank God for Clive’s service to us all and wish him every happiness for the future.